Ireneusz Jabłoński

 Wiceprezydent Ireneusz Jabłoński

Ireneusz Jabłoński

Born in 1961; specialist in the area of strategic and operational management, building, restructuring, and directing large business and public organizations. For more than 15 years associated with the financial services sector, followed by the energy sector and currently with strategic consulting.

He is graduated from the Technical University of Lodz, Postgraduate Studies in Banking at Warsaw School of Economics, study program in the field of strategic management at INSEAD Bank in Fontainebleau (France), scholar of the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (USA) . In 1994-1997 Mayor of Łowicz; member of the Council by the President of the Republic of Poland for local government policy; in 1997. Łowicz received the title of the best managed city in the category of 30-50 thousand. residents, based on the European Cities Charter.

From autumn 1997 associated with the financial industry. He held the functions of the President of the leasing companies : PBG Leasing Sp. z.o.o .; Kredyt Lease S.A; PKO Leasing S. A.

Since 2002 he was adtiv as the Vice President of Bank Częstochowa SA, oversawing the restructurisation of the Bank and serving as a Project Manager in mBank - built from scratch, first in the country electronic bank. In 2003 as Vice President of Postbank he prepared and carried out the bank´s restructuring program and, along with the team´s of closest collaborators, has developed an innovative program to implement a wide range of financial services for post-services institutions.

In years 2005-2008 as the Director of the BRE Bank SA in Warsaw he was responsible, inter alia, for strategy and governance over the bank holding company; conducted a comprehensive restructuring (under the BREactivation) operating area banku.

Since 2003 he is associated with the Adam Smith Centre and since 2004 he has been a Member of the Board of the Centre and strategic advisory team leader.

He is interessed in antic economic history of the world. He was the player of Academic Sport Association (handball); practicing tennis and skiing. He likes playing bridge and traveling. He is married and has three sons.


Deputy Mayor of Lodz Ireneusz Jablonski:

  1. oversees cases of the:
    1. city wealth management,
    2. real estate management, without those rescticted by § 2 paragraph 1 point f of the Ordinance No. 524 / VII / 15 by the President of Lodz of 3 March 2015. on determining the scope of the cases investigated by the Mayor of Lodz and entrusted to the Vice Mayors of City of Lodz, Lodz City Secretary and Treasurer of the City of Lodz,
    3. location and regulations of urban markets,
    4. geodesy issues,
    5. resource management of residential and commercial locals;
    6. municipal investments,
    7. management of roads and public transport;
  2. activities of the City Wealth Management Department
tel.: +48 (042) 638-41-08
fax: +48 (042) 638-42-14