Tomasz Trela

Wiceprezydent Marek Cieślak (orginal)

tel: +48 (042) 638-41-16
fax: +48 (042) 638-42-16




Tomasz Trela

First Deputy Mayor of the City of Lodz has gratuated from the Organisation and Management at the Technical University of Lodz and post diploma study in finacement and strategy at the Lodz University.

Between 2010 and 2014 was a member of the City Council of Lodz, fullfilling since 2013 function of the President of Social Democratic Left Party Council Club. As the First Deputy Mayor he is responsible for tasks connected with social welfare, education, enterpreunership and labour market, as well as with municipal services, sport and recreation.

First Deputy Mayor Tomasz Trela supervises such dossiers:

  • social welfare
  • education
  • enterpreunership and labour market
  • municipal services
  • sport and recreation

He controls following subordinated organization units of the City Hall of Lodz:

  • Education Department
  • Communal Services Department
  • Sport Department
  • Environment and Agriculture Department
  • Municipal Sport and Recreation Center
  • Municipal Social Welfare Center
  • Lodz` Communal Treatement Station
  • Lodz County Labour Office
  • Enterpreunership and Labour Market Office