Lodz Region Brussels Office. Section City of Lodz

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Anyone interested is cordially welcome to work closely with our Office in the fulfilment of its objectives. Our primary focus is on the following areas of responsibility:

  • Represent the City of Lodz by liaising with the EU institutions, Polish diplomatic posts, cities associations, and networks representing cities, and other industrial institutions operating in Brussels.
  • Promote the City by participating in mass and cyclical pro-European promotion events, industrial fairs, as well as by holding own thematic events to promote the various aspects of the City.
  • Monitor the EU legislation, in particular that relating to the EU’s urban policies, competitions and bids announced by the European Commission in the Official Journal of the European Union, and the works of the European institutions.
  • Lobby for projects submitted by the Lodz government, or Lodz-based institutions, to be financed out of the EU funds, for urban policies to be included in the mainstream EU policies, and support the Lodz City’s policies.
  • Stimulate students through traineeships, entrepreneurs by organising trade exchanges, professionals by creating experience exchange opportunities, or study trips.
  • Keep the local players informed of competitions, grants, projects, white and blue papers of the European Commission, and the European communities of Lodz’s economic, tourist, and cultural strengths, events which might have an impact on Lodz’s position in Europe.

Additionally, Lodz undertakes a variety of actions as part of the European Textile Collectivities Association – ACTE, of which it is a member, and the Committee of the Regions.

The City’s active campaigns aim to build Lodz’s favourable image in Europe as an active and developing city, open to the issues of the uniting Europe.

Your cooperation is welcome.