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Innovative Lodz, Innovative Entrepreneurship, or Open Days 2009 In Our City

The European Week of Regions and Cities - Open Days 2009 in Brussels was concluded on 8 October, however, decentralised events are still taking place in home cities and regions. In Lodz, as part of the „Local Event", on 23 October, 2009, at the Andel's Hotel organised was a conference titled „Innovation - A Chance or Obstacle for Small and Medium Entrepreneurs?" The conference provided opportunity to learn the secrets of marketing new products, problems concerning the marketing of what can be achieved through unconventional ideas and actions for promotion of entrepreneurship by local and European institutions.

- Small and medium entrepreneurs are the source of innovation, as confirmed by the participants in today's meeting. Concurrently, we are maintaining workshops, e.g. in respect of absorbing European funds for investment purposes. We are aware that Lodz's development is linked to new technologies. Hence the programme - „Lodz - City of Innovation" - said Vice Mayor Włodzimierz Tomaszewski.

The Vice Mayor reiterated that the city favours innovative companies, e.g. by facilitating contacts with the city's scientific and research base, promoting the best products, organising competitions intended to encourage entrepreneurs to be innovative, launching the portal, as well as by organising workshops and trainings. The existing competition „Lodz Offering" has changed its formula and now it awards innovative products, services, and marketing operations. Innovative companies have found their place at the Science and Technology Park. This is where BAFFIN tilting chair for children with cerebral palsy was built - the Innovative Product of the Year 2008.

The key-note speakers at the conference included, e.g. Willi Wolfgang Oswald, former music producer, since 1997 founder and chairman of of the lighting company Moonlight of Wehr , South Germany, which manufactures energy-saving damage-proof and temperature-resistant lights powered by solar energy, and Prof. Piotr Płoszajski - leading management expert and futurist who encouraged entrepreneurs to go beyond the boundaries of business management rationality, which leads to becoming an innovative firm capable of rapidly responding to market change. Additionally, participants in the conference had an opportunity to learn about the Committee of the Regions' activities for innovation and entrepreneurship, as discussed by Krzysztof Nowaczek, who manages the works of the Lisbon Strategy Monitoring Platform at the Committee of the Regions which assesses the contribution of local and regional authorities to the implementation of the Lisbon Strategy for growth and employment. The CoR representative also provided information of the competition for the most innovative European region. For more information about the competition go to:

The conference was accompanies by the workshops: „Financing Innovations" and „Crisis? Say STOP to constraints and be successful!". These were attended by 40 persons. The entire conference was financed by the Bureau for Entrepreneurship and Jobs Development, Lodz City Council.

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