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ACTE Executive Committee

Between 23-24 November in Lille, France, the Executive Committee of the European Textile Collectivities Association (ACTE ) held a meeting.

Lille is the regional capital of Nord-Pas-de-Calais and one of the cities which conceived the idea to initiate an association that would represent on the European level the interests of cities with the presence of textile and related industries.

During the meeting representatives of textile collectivities discussed the current issues concerning ACTE's operations, and the Association's President, Teo Romero, presented a report on the lobbying actions taken by ACTE Secretariat for the purpose of accession of new members from Croatia, and the visit to the Baltic Textile + Leather Fair in Lithuania. The Vice Presidencies briefly discussed the initiatives and operations in respect of the textile and clothing industry in their regions and cities. Also, presented was the financial report.

The meeting resulted in a number of joint actions intended to promote and improve the image of the textile and related industries. It was proposed that the FUTUROTEXTILES exhibition, prepared on the occasion of the second international conference titled: "Intelligent Textiles and Mass Consumption" in Morocco, be presented in all member cities of ACTE. The exhibition reveals to viewers the diversity of textiles by approaching them from different angles, from technical-scientific through artistic projects by great designers who combine science and art. The show's objective is to prove that textiles are innovative and „intelligent", that they are materials used in many areas, e.g. medicine, transport, protective clothing manufacturing. Another initiative taken with a view to help start-up and promote young fashion designers and design schools graduates is the European competition for young designers.

Additionally, on 24 November a conference was held marking the launch of the project CROSSTEXNET, whose objective is to increase access to the funds for research into the use of modern technologies in textile industry. The project's idea is also to utilise the potential of international cooperation, coordination, and programming of research projects, in particular those meeting the requirements of the Strategic Research Agenda of the European Technology Platform for the future of Textiles and Clothing (ETP-SRA).

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