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Medal Winning Inventions

An innovative solution presented by the Technical University of Lodz at the 58th Brussels Innova International Invention Exhibition won the prestigious Grand Prix.

The award-winning project is the „Brain stroke therapy progress monitoring system based on voice analysis", developed by Damian Krzesimowski, MEng, Prof. Zygmunt Ciota, and Prof. Andrzej Napieralski at the Institute of Micrelectronics and Information Technologies, TUL. The product beat several hundred other inventions shown at the exhibition in Brussels.

- The system's idea was to find a relationship between stroke-damaged nervous centres responsible for generating voice signals and specific speech parameters of hospitalised patients after stroke - explains Prof. Andrzej Napieralski. - In effect of an advanced analysis of patient's speech, including time and frequency, it turned out that it is possible to diagnose therapy effectiveness. The effectiveness of the proposed methodology has been definitely increased in the process of comparing the voice of ill patient with the parameters gathered in the database for healthy persons. The prototype system is currently being tested at the M. Kopernik Hospital in Lodz in collaboration with Prof. Andrzej Klimek and Bożena Adamkiewicz, PhD.

The Lodz-based inventors have discovered that in this way it is possible to diagnose patients with both ischemic and haemorrhagic stroke. In many cases the results so obtained defined the therapeutic progress to the extent comparable with very costly and not easily accessible computer tomography or magnetic resonance examinations.

The authors of the system underscore that this methodology will be further developed for the purposes of examinations applied by speech therapists.

At the booth hired by the Polish Association of Inventors and Rationalisers at the Brussels exhibition the Technical University of Lodz all together presented 9 solutions, all of which were „first class". The university employees also received medals. The High Commission for Belgium Decorations awarded the Lodz-based scientists medals for outstanding achievements in the area of invention and innovation. The University's Vice Chancellor, Prof. Stanisław Bielecki received the Commodore's Cross European Innovation Award. The Innovation Award Grand Officer Medal was awarded to Adam Rylski, PhD Eng, and the Officer Medal was awarded to Prof. Bogdan Wendler. (M.Ka.)

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