The Office's Responsibilities

The Lodzkie Region Brussels Office – Lodz City Section primarily focuses on the following areas of responsibility:

Represent the City of Lodz by liaising with:

  • EU institutions - European Commission, European Parliament, Committee of the Regions, European Economic and Social Committee, and other industrial institutions operating in Brussels,
  • Polish diplomatic posts - Polish Delegation to the EU, Polish Embassy in the Kingdom of Belgium,
  • cities associations and networks representing cities (e.g. EUROCITIES, Cities for Cohesion),

and representing the interests of the Lodz City and the Region on the forum of the European Textile Collectivities Association ACTE.

Promote the City by:

  • participating in mass and cyclical pro-European promotion events: “Open Doors” in May, and “Open Days” in October,
  • participating in industrial fairs,
  • holding own thematic promotion events (exhibitions presenting Lodz’s rich architectural, industrial, cultural, and tourist resources; thematic seminars, business presentations),
  • organising thematic study trips to Lodz and Brussels,
  • organising economic missions to Brussels for Lodz-based entities, and to Lodz for Belgian entities.


  •  the EU legislation, in particular that relating to the EU’s urban policies in the process of preparations for the upcoming scheduling period for the years 2007 – 2013, and executive regulations, instruments, and initiatives supporting cities development,
  • competitions and bids announced by the European Commission in the Official Journal of the European Union,
  • the works of the European institutions (European Commission, European Parliament, Committee of the Regions, etc.),
  • general political and administrative situation in Brussels by researching such periodicals as: The European Voice, The European Agenda, etc.


  • for projects submitted by the Lodz government, or Lodz-based institutions, to be financed out of the EU funds,
  • for urban policies to be included in the mainstream EU policies (mainstreaming),
  • through specialised associations and networks (ACTE, POLIS, ERRIN, Cities for Cohesion, etc.) for support of the Lodz City’s policies.


  • students through traineeships held by the Lodz City Section,
  • entrepreneurs by organising information and trade exchanges (mainly in such sectors as: construction, textiles and clothing, furniture making),
  • professionals (culture, fashion, film, research) by creating experience exchange opportunities, or study trips,
  • incoming and outgoing tourists (Poland – Belgium - Poland) in order to familiarise them with the specificity of both countries and the unique characteristics of Lodz.

Keep the local players informed:

  • of any competitions, grants, projects, white and blue papers of the European Commission, by directly transmitting information with respect to the foregoing to the institutions with interest in such areas, and based on the communications placed on the Office’s website
  • within the existing contact networks, seek European partners for Lodz-based institutions with a view to jointly participating in the EU programmes and projects,
  • transmit information on the Office’s current operations, including events or meetings in which the City of Lodz is a participant, and on important decisions regarding the EU policies, through the website and by sending out press releases, newsletters, etc.,
  • keep the European communities informed of Lodz’s primary economic, tourist, and cultural strengths, and events which might have an impact on Lodz’s position in Europe.